In 1791 HERMAN  GOTTLIEB  BERNTHAL, born in 1773, arrived from Riga, Latvia (formerly part of Russia). He married SARAH OTTISON TAIT in Gosport Hampshire on July 12th 1806. He was registered in this country by Royal Warrant on 31st July 1815. They had thirteen children of which seven were sons and six were daughters. Only one son, HENRY ADOLPHUS, had any male heirs to carry on the name, therefore in Great Britain we are all his descendants.    (Not strictly true as some females today can trace their line back to another of HERMAN'S children but via his daughters)

HERMAN GOTTLIEB arrived in Portsmouth and his children were born there, hence the strong link with the sea and occupations for his family that involved the water. Also the probable reason some moved to Chatham, Kent. His heirs served on H.M.S. Rambler, H.M.S. Falconer,  H.M.S. Formidable,  and the most well known   H.M.S. Warrior.
Several followed his occupation as a tailor.The love of the water and creative crafts (sewing/carpentry) is still in our genes. My Father loved sailing, swimming and woodwork in his spare time.

HENRY had five sons and four daughters:-

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