Missing links

After many visits to the the Records Office in London I have a complete list of all the births, marriages and deaths of Bernthal's in this country since records began in 1839. Through contact with many Bernthal's I managed to compile the family history as you have seen in the previous pages but unfortunately there are some 20 entries that I can not place in the family tree. If you know where any of the following people fit in please send me an E-mail from the page -

DAVID LEE born Chatham, mother Bernthal

EMMA LOUISE born Chatham, mother Shipley

FREDERICK W born 1917 Portsea, mother Bernthal, died 1917 Portsea

HERBERT born 1924, died Camden 1992

LEONARD born 1909 Portsea

LOGAN ELLIOT born Plymouth, mother Hill

LUCY bron Medway, mother Evans

ROBERT WILLIAM born 1869 Portsea, died 1869 see further details at the bottom of this page

ROSA born 1882, died 1904 mile End

ALFRED ROCOFSKY born Whitechapel, mother Bernthal

FLORA MEEGAN L ESTERLY born Eastbourne, mother Bernthal

PHYLLIS HOLT born Sculcoates, mother Bernthal

REBECCA ANDERSON born Plymouth, mother Bernthal

KIERAN DAMION J ASHER born Bradford, mother Bernthal

ZOE LOUISE ASHER born Bradford, mother Bernthal

FRANK LANT born West Ham, mother Bernthall

ANNIE M LANT bron West Ham, mother Bernthall

KAREN ANNETTE BERNTHAL married DAVID L WILDE, their children are:-



Robert William - born 1869 and died 23rd September 1869. Death certificate shows his father as Henry Bernthal, Gunner, Royal Artillery
   The address was 3 Carver's Court, Portsmouth and Louisa Bernthal was present.

Even though so much information is available online, I find myself with more names I can not place in the Bernthal family tree.  

Please look at the page ‘Unknown Bernthals’ , where there is more detailed information for several people I have been unable to place within the family.